Get more leads and sales with a high-converting Landing Page

Does your business have an in-depth sales page for each service you offer? If not, then your business is missing out on significant leads and sales. Having a website without high-converting landing pages is like having a bucket full of holes—it’s highly inefficient.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a single webpage that serves a single purpose. It serves as an in-depth sales page that shows your product or service in its best light—and most importantly—converts visitors into buyers.

Learn why a landing page is even more important than your home page.

What is the main value of a high-converting landing page?

Turn more online visitors into customers with a webpage that specifically highlights the product or service they need.

What are some other benefits of having a quality landing page?

  • Your website will rank higher on Google. Why? Google loves pages that answer questions on a given topic and gives preference to websites with well-crafted landing pages.
  • You can use your social media channels to sell. Do you have a social media following with loyal fans? They want to know how to support your business and you can show them how by sharing your landing page information with your followers. This can be done with a series of social media posts strategically placed over time.
  • Reduce your cost per acquisition. Getting a new customer takes work, but is worth it because they often turn into repeat customers. Landing pages are the most efficient way of attracting a new customer.

Can you show me examples of effective landing pages?

Real Estate Agent: Looking to sell your home landing page.

Contracting Company: Custom home builder landing page.

How can KPI Media help you to craft a high-converting Landing Page?

Our content creators have written hundreds of effective landing pages and would love the chance to help you to craft a page of your own. Here’s what is included with a Landing Page Package from KPI Media:

Landing page creation:

  • Custom-written text that includes the six essentials of a high-converting landing page.
  • Optimized images for the landing page and social media.
  • A call-to-action form that brings leads to the email address of your choice.
  • Help as needed to upload the page to your website. (We can work with your technical team to make sure the page is set up.)
  • A monthly analytic report that shows your conversion rate.

Landing page promotion:

  • A version of the landing page that links to your call-to-action form can go on one of our suite of websites, including;;; and
  • A series of three social media posts that you can use on your social media channels.
  • A series of three social media posts will go on a KPI Media website channel.
  • A summary of your landing page will be included in two KPI email newsletters.
  • A summary of your landing page will rotate on targeted pages on a KPI Media website.

Get booked solid and beat out your competitors with a high-converting Landing Page

Do you want the ultimate landing page—one that ranks well on Google for the right keywords and then turns those clicks into leads, bookings or purchases?

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