Turn your 5-star reviews into the ultimate marketing tool—a reputation-building story that lets your best customers sing your praises

Does your business have glowing reviews on Google or Facebook? You’re probably already aware of the marketing power of an honest review from a satisfied customer. But, have you ever thought of how to maximize the power of those reviews from your best customers?

One of the best ways to capitalize on that marketing potential is to turn your 5-star reviews into a reputation story.

What is a reputation story?

A reputation story is where one of our professional writers interviews one of your happy customers. This could be a brand ambassador, social media follower, 5-star reviewer or any happy customer. The content piece will use a story arc to share the customer’s buying journey, showing the problems and solutions they had along the way, and how they feel about the result. You could think of it as the ultimate customer review!.

What is the main value of a reputation story?

Proactively build your reputation with a real-life story from your best customers.

What are some other benefits of having a reputation story?

  • Let your customers do the talking. Satisfied customers love sharing their stories of how they were cared for by their favourite businesses. Your business has this kind of word-of-mouth marketing all the time, except very few people get to hear the story. A reputation story allows you to share those stories with the world.
  • One story = many social media posts. Every reputation story can be broken down and shared on your social media channels in smaller posts that continue to build your reputation. It’s the marketing gift that keeps on giving.
  • Reputation stories don’t go out of date. Unlike regular marketing campaigns, a reputation story doesn’t go out of date. It can be shared with your potential customers for years to come and will still be as valid as the day it was first shared.

Can you show me reputation story examples?

How can KPI Media help you to craft a Reputation Story?

Our content creators have interviewed and written hundreds of stories with people just like your customers. They know how to write a compelling narrative that engages and ultimately leads to action. Here’s what is included with a reputation story from KPI Media:

Reputation story creation:

  • Personal interview with a happy customer.
  • An expertly crafted story that shares your solutions in a natural, engaging way.
  • A call-to-action that links directly to a reputation story for the service you provide.
  • Help as needed to upload the story as a blog on your website. (We can work with your technical team to make sure the story is set up on your website.)
  • An analytic report showing you engagements and actions that resulted from the story.

Reputation story promotion:

  • A full version of the reputation story will run as promoted content on one of KPI Media’s suite of websites. Choose the website that best targets your audience including BetterBook.ca; rvwest.com; snoriderswest.com; riderswestmag.com and kootenaybiz.com.
  • A series of three social media posts that you can use on your social media channels.
  • A series of three social media posts will go on a KPI Media website channel.
  • A summary of your reputation story will be included in two KPI Media email newsletters.
  • A summary of your reputation story will rotate on targeted pages on a KPI Media website.

Build the reputation of your brand

Would you like to have a reputation-building story written from the point of view of one of your best customers?

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