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How can small businesses cut through the noise and have their voices heard? How can they reach the tiny slice of people who are looking for someone to solve their problems at the exact moment they need help?

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Outrank your competitors on relevant Google search results

We will boost your Google ranking with a Landing Page that is high on a Google search engine results page.

Receive a monthly report

We will send you a monthly report on how your Lead Generation Landing Page is performing along with further recommendations to increase success.

Turn clicks into leads and sales—Get booked solid!

We will help you convert visitors to your website into real customers and clients.

Lead Generation landing page

The purpose of a Lead Generation Landing Page is to help your business get booked solid! Potential customers clicking on your website are turned into leads, bookings or purchases.

The Lead Generation Landing Page is written to get a top position on a Google search page. A critical piece of the Landing Page is a strong call-to-action form that will provide leads and bookings for your business. This Landing Page can be set up on your own website or on a website that KPI Media sets up for you.

Do you want the ultimate landing page—one that ranks well on Google for the right keywords and then turns those clicks into leads, bookings or purchases?

Get booked solid and beat out your competitors with a high-converting Landing Page

Do you want the ultimate landing page—one that ranks well on Google for the right keywords and then turns those clicks into leads, bookings or purchases?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a landing page?

A Landing Page is a single web page that is one of your most important website pages—it delivers results! With a single, razor-sharp focus, a Landing Page focuses on one—and only one—of your services. Thus, the page successfully converts visitors to your page into customers or clients.

Landing Pages do well in Google searches for many reasons. They use the best search terms (SEO) that people are using. They also answer the critical questions that potential customers and clients have about your products or services. These effective selling tactics attract customers at the right time with the right information. This honest, transparent approach builds trust in potential customers to move them along in the conversion tunnel, that is, the buying process.

Most business owners today recognize the importance of having a high Google ranking with SEO (search engine optimization) terms. But what most small businesses fail to understand is that showing up on the first page of a Google search is only half of the battle. What they also need is a Landing Page with SVO. Search visitor optimization (SVO) aims to keep website visitors on your Landing Page. SVO is all about what comes after the click by getting customers to read more, stay longer and engage with your company before leaving.

Basically, a Website Audit will show where your company ranks in Google searches. The main goal is to appear in the top three listings of a SERP, which is a search engine results page. The Audit will make recommendations for ways your business can make improvements to rank higher in Google searches.

We will contact you to get a few more details and then get to work on analyzing your website. Next, we will write a report with our findings and recommendations and send it to you.

Some businesses might want only one Landing Page, whereas others might want several Landing Pages, one for each service or product they offer. In general, our Lead Generation Landing Page Package includes:

  • An audit of your website
  • A Landing Page that is well researched, written and designed
  • Social media posts you can use to promote your Landing Page
  • A monthly report on your Landing Page's performance

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