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Most business owners today know the importance of getting their business noticed on search engines, but they lack the time and expertise to pull it off. KPI Media can help you. We live and breathe local search and we’ve been writing and speaking on it for decades. Contact us today and get a free audit of your website.

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A website first and foremost needs to inspire action. A well designed website will work 24 hours a day to get you more leads and bookings for your business.

Search friendly!

A well designed website doesn’t just look great but it also needs to be found easily by appearing at the top of popular search engines like Google and Bing.

Tells your story!

People like doing business with people they like and trust. Story telling is what KPI Media is all about. Let us tell your story on a platform that you control—your website.

Case study:

How KPI Media helped a real estate agent climb to the first page of Google

  • Why did need help with their website? Sandy Smith is a Real Estate Agent in Cranbrook and was unhappy because her website didn’t appear until the second page on Google for key search phrases like Real Estate Agents Cranbrook BC and Cranbrook BC Realtors. After designing and writing new content on her Home Page and Landing Page, has climbed past her nearest competitor and moved onto the third listing on page 1 of Google.
  • What KPI Media did to help SandySmithProperties? Our team of writers and designers conducted a brand interview with Sandy Smith and researched what people looking to sell their homes really want in a real estate agent. The KPI Media team then completely redesigned the Home Page and Landing Page so that would rank well in Google and convert readers into listings.
  • What did Sandy Smith think of the improvements to her website? “Thank you for doing an EXCELLENT job in taking care of us!!” —Sandy Sandy, Cranbrook, B.C.

Get a website that converts readers into buyers.


Case study:

How KPI Media helped a Construction Company to get leads and bookings

  • Why did need help with their website? Steeples Construction in Cranbrook, B.C., felt their current website needed to be updated. While doing an audit for, we discovered that their contact form was not working and they were missing out on potential customer requests. In addition, their website performed poorly on Google for key search phrases like custom home builders and Construction Companies.
  • What KPI Media did to help The KPI Media team researched, designed and wrote a brand new Landing Page “Custom Home Builders” for The team was able to create a new contact form that emailed the results from the Landing Page to Steeples Construction.
  • How did the new pages get results? The new Custom Home Builders Landing Page now captures leads like this recent request for a new home build: “Hi, I currently own my own home in the city of Cranbrook, but I'm looking to sell my house this spring, buy some land and build a home on it.”

Get a website that converts readers into buyers.


Case study:

How KPI Media helped a small business set up a new website

  • What kind of website did Rogers Window Cleaning need? Rogers Window Cleaning was a new business starting out in a large urban market and didn’t have any web presence. The KPI Media creative team started from square one and launched a brand new website that is ready to attract leads and clients for this window cleaning business.
  • What did KPI Media do to help Rogers Window Cleaning get their website up and running?
    Design: KPI Media designed a clean, simple to navigate, mobile-friendly website.
    Content creation: KPI media conducted a brand interview with the owner of Rogers Window Cleaning and wrote all the content needed for a five-page website. This included creating a search-friendly “Residential Window Cleaning” Landing Page.
    Hosting: KPI Media purchased the URL, and is hosting and maintaining the website.

Get a website that converts readers into buyers.


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Get a website that converts readers into buyers

At KPI Media, we’ve designed, hosted and maintained large media websites for decades. These include popular tourism websites like, and and business websites like and During that time, we have learned how to get noticed by Google, what stories grab attention and how to build a landing page that leads people to act. Now we can use those skills to help your website climb to page one of Google search and provide you with leads and bookings. Here are some case studies of businesses that KPI Media has helped to improve their website and digital presence.

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